Internal Audit

         1. GRIP Portal

         2. Annual Review on Performance of Internal Audit    :  2018-2019,  2017-20182016-2017         

         3Expert Advisory Group (EAG) Report

         4. Study Material of Certificate Course                             :  Volume-III            

         5. Qualified Certified Auditors :  
                                         NIRDPR, Hyderabad                   :  Batch-III,  III,  IV   

                                         SIRD,Bhubhaneshwar, Odisha Batch-I

         6. Qualified Master Trainers                                                 :  Batch-I(Certified Auditors also)IIIII

         7Report of the committee for strengthening the Internal Audit in respect of Rural Development Programmes

         8. One-day Orientation Program for Audit Experts held on 15th Nov 2019
              PPT by AS&FA ,    PPT by CCA MoRD ,     PPT by ACA MoRD ,     Capacity Buiding Programme ,     Check list for Internal Audit ,    
              Experience of SIRD ODISHA ,    Overview of MGNREGS ,    Overview of NRLM ,    Overview of NSAP ,    Overview of PMAY-G ,  
              Overview of PMGSY ,    RBIA by Dir INGAF ,    RBIA in MGNREGA by JS IT ,    Risk areas in MGNREGS ,    Risk areas in PMAY(G) ,
Risk Areas in PMGSY ,    Risk Matrix Format for NSAP ,    Role of SIRDs in Internal Audit






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