Instructions for using the Merge Software


Important: This software will work only for those states who have recorded only that information which is specified in the input schedule of the BPL Census 2002 Issued by Ministry of Rural Development.

NIC-DRD Informatics Cell has developed software for merging data of a block. The instruction s for using the software are as follows :

1. Copy this MDB file(merge.mdb) in each directory of block( ie. one for each block) then run the software .

2. Enter the fully qualified name of the .mdb to be merged in the box given in front and then press Merge Button.

3. After processing, the system will give message that the .mdb is merged.

4. Repeat 2-3 for all the mdb of that block.

5. Once you have merged all the file of a block then press compile button to bring data in required shape.

After completing 1-5 kindly check whether everything is going fine. Then repeat this for other blocks also.